Mediterranean Sea (Aegean Sea)


Tourism, Fisheries & Energy Production

The case study area will explore issues related to barriers and opportunities of currently co-existing and potential future multi-uses in the Aegean Sea (eastern Mediterranean), under an ecosystem-based management approach.

The study area is located off the northern part of the Mykonos Island (Cyclades plateau), and enjoys a fully developed tourism industry with associated marine activities and dense maritime transport, while the broader Cyclades plateau is considered an important fishing ground for trawl fisheries, with important small-scale fisheries also operating there. Furthermore, the area has one of the highest potential levels of wind energy generation in the Mediterranean and hence the possible introduction of an alternative renewable energy source (e.g. Offshore Wind Farms or wave-powered turbines) may contribute to solving the energy demand issue which reaches a peak during the highly touristic summer season.

Following the above, special focus will be placed on investigating barriers and opportunities for the establishment of a MU platform with off-shore energy infrastructures, aquaculture components, ocean environmental monitoring (considering outputs of e.g. the TROPOS project and specifically the Green and Blue concept).

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